"The Amanda & Uniquia Show"

This show is a international advocacy and empowerment radio/talk show platform used to INSPIRE women EMPOWER business owners and EDUCATE Cosmetologists around the world... We want to help you RE-DISCOVER your life passion and ultimately guide you to take your passion, develop it, mold it, re-define it and elevate it by connecting with us and over 50  years of combined experience as a Business owners, Woman of God and Beauty Industry Leaders.   We want to motivate you to reach that level that you never thought you could reach! WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

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Here at BCB Coach Amanda Manigault offers a variety of online coaching opportunities for you to grow personally and professionally.  Tap in to the network so that you can stay on top of life and the array of changes that take place daily in this amazing world.  We all need mentors and a little motivation.  Take time to invest in yourself and GET YOURS TODAY!

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Amanda's E-Store is filled with books, products and services that will help soothe your MIND, BODY & SOUL!  Visit our store today.  Begin to stock up on the products that you need to help make you better personally and professionally.  When you invest in yourself, you'll find that the world around you will begin to look better, feel better and ultimately will be a better place to live and work.

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This christian based organization is an online community movement that provides online and offline resources, opportunities and events for young women to experience diversity, build self-confidence, have equality, social and economic empowerment. By joining, women will experience a spirit of collaboration by listening, understanding and sharing their gifts and talents. It's also exercised through coaching, networking, mentoring, providing education, motivation, advancement and a continuing community of support in their personal and professional lives. This allows women to reach their full potential, live free from violence and live their dreams. Women who are self confident, never quit no matter what circumstances may come their way! When women have equality, they normally have a true purpose to work hard to be all they can be! When women are socially empowered they have freedom to share and to be heard; They advocate on behalf of those who can’t speak for themselves. When women are economically empowered they are happy and loving individuals who control their own finances and their own destiny! Here at YWEA our goal is to build women to be all that and more… No matter how old you are, here at BGB every woman, is BEAUTIFUL!  And we believe in BLACK GIRL BEAUTY!


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